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Young children need to feel safe and secure, which may require the presence of an adult or caregiverA parent, guardian or other person having legal custody of a child under 18 years of age, who fails or neglects to exercise reasonable supervision and control of the conduct of the child, shall be liable in a civil action for any willful, malicious or unlawful injury or destruction by such child of the property of the libraryAmendment Concerning the Issuance of a Library CardIf the charge is more than $3.00, payment must be received before the information will be sent.Public Fax machines are provided at selected branches through an outside vendor.1 page: $1.752 pages: $2.753 pages: $3.756 pages: $6.75Borrowers CardsBorrowers Cards are replaced at no charge when a customer reports a lost or missing cardMeetings will be booked no more than three months in advance.Meeting rooms are booked following these priorities:Priority 1: Events conducted by the Library staffThe Library uses surveillance cameras in some of its facilities to complement other measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for customers and staffCamera SurveillanceNo selling of goods or services is to be conductedThe equipment helps to protect the librarys property against theft or vandalism and can assist in identifying intruders and persons breaking the law or violating the librarys Rules of Conduct.Surveillance cameras are positioned to monitor public areas of the library that are not easily viewed from public service desks and staff areas where valuable library property is storedRecorded information that is subpoenaed will be retained for one year.REVIEWED by Legal Counsel April 2007APPROVED: OCEAN COUNTY LIBRARY April 24, 2007If a parent or caregiver is not available, staff will call the childs homeThe signature of a parent or guardian is required for the issuance of a library card to minor children under the age of 17 years.The Ocean County Library holds parents and guardians responsible for the fines and fees associated with books and materials borrowed by their minor children under 17 years of ageMinor children under the age of 17 years who do not follow the librarys rules of conduct, or computer and Internet use policy, or who disable, or otherwise work around the librarys computer filters, or damage library books, materials, computers and technologies may receive a warning and a note may be place in their library card record.For second offenses of not following the Librarys rules of conduct, a minors library privileges may be suspended for a period of time to be determined by the library.The library may send a note home to the minor childs parent or guardian informing them of their childs warning or suspension due to failure to comply with the Librarys rules of conduct.Parents and guardians who sign for a library card for a minor under the age of 17 should be aware of the following:The Ocean County Librarys selection of library materials will not be inhibited by the possibility that materials may come into the possession of children.The Ocean County Librarys providing computers and other technologies will not be inhibited by the possibility that children may come into contact with computers and other technologies.THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THIS AMENDMENT IS JUNE 17, 2014APPROVED: OCEAN COUNTY LIBRARY COMMISSION September 1986REVISED and APPROVED: OCEAN COUNTY LIBRARY COMMISSION April 20, 2010REVISED and APPROVED: OCEAN COUNTY LIBRARY COMMISSION June 17, 2014The form must be returned to the branch where the meeting/program will be heldCustomers supplying their own paper are still expected to honor the fee for printing.Blank CDs: $2.00.USB Flash Drives: $7.00.Earbuds: $2.00.Meeting RoomsFree: Ocean County clubs and organizations$50 per program: Out-of-County clubs and organizations holding programs independently of Library sponsorship.Used and Donated Materials (with suggested donation fees)$1.00 per item: Hardcovers, Music CDs and Books on CD, Playaways, Video Games, DVDs, Trade paperbacks.$.50: Books on Cassette, Video Cassettes.$.20: Mass Market Paperbacks.$.10: Children's books.Special Event book sales sponsored by Friends of the Library are exempt from this pricing policy.REVISED and APPROVED: OCEAN COUNTY LIBRARY COMMISSION: December 16, 2014School identification will be accepted as verification.Teachers, school librarians in schools or colleges, the position of County Superintendent of Schools, and tutors or trainers affiliated with Literacy Volunteers of America - Ocean County Chapter are eligible for a FREE library cardWorn out cards are replaced at no cost to customers.Temporary BorrowersA temporary card may be issued to an individual who does not qualify for a free library card upon payment of a nonrefundable $9.50 per month, up to $114.00 per year.One temporary borrower card can be issued per familyStaff will not wait inside the closed building or invite the child into their carThe library will maintain control of and responsibility for the video security surveillance equipment at all times.For investigations initiated by law enforcement, security camera tapes are only made available to law enforcement through a legal subpoena or warrantDuring story times or other programs, adults who are not attending the program with the child must remain in the building and be visible when their children return from the program.Children ages 6 - 8 must have a parent or adult caregiver in the building with them at all times during the library visitIf children ages 6 8 violate the Rules of Conduct or become sick or distressed, staff will attempt to locate the parent or adult caregiver.Children ages 9-12 are welcome to use the library unattended, but should not be left alone for extended periods of timeThe Bishop Memorial Library, located adjacent to the Toms River Headquarters Branch on Washington Street, is also covered by this policy and may be available as a meeting space at the discretion of the Library.The Library does not endorse the views expressed by any group using its meeting roomsCirculation Policy

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